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Through My Eyes

Let me help you see these men through my eyes. I am Nick’s mom, and I can tell you that from his earliest years with his “My Buddy” doll, and his “Willy Bear” stuffed bear, Nick has always been loving, caring, and nurturing. But when he met Jeff, his dream of becoming a dad, resonated deep within him, and finally felt attainable.

We met Jeff at a Christmas eve party at Nick’s downtown apartment. It was hard to focus on the amazing food and glittering décor, when all one could see was the way they looked into each other’s eyes. They have been inseparable ever since. Jeff has become such a gift to our family. We had no idea what a hole existed in our hearts until Jeff filled it. We love hearing Jeff call Nick "Bug" (an adorable nickname that stuck right away), seeing the two of them play with their nephews and extended family in Denver, and hear of their plans for family get-togethers at their new home.

Nick and Jeff married January 2nd, 2020. Their dream to find each other and marry, has come true. Now, the only dream that leaves an ache for them is the dream of parenthood. I long to see my son and son-in-law as dads. They have so much to offer a child. They will provide their child a world of love, safety, joy, enrichment, and family. They will offer the soul of that little person that comes into their lives, a lifetime commitment of unconditional love and support. Please consider these dearest of men as parents and protectors of your greatest gift.


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