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"Thank You For Being A Friend"

A little story. If you happen to have a cheesecake handy, you might want to set a place in your kitchenette, grab a fork, and dig in.

Picture it: Dearborn, Michigan, early 2019-ish. I’m a freelance graphic designer and writer of indiscriminate age and appearance, although preferably something lithe and attractive. Nick Graham, one my dearest friends — a fellow actor, a partner in crime and giggles, a confederate in comedy, and also lithe and attractive if memory serves — tells me he has met “this great guy.” I am thrilled for him, of course. Who wouldn’t be? Nick deserves a great guy. Nick has a great heart. The kind of love and support he gives to his family and friends is the kind you want to see reciprocated.

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Nick & Brian Rehearsing A Flight Attendant Skit They Wrote Together

Now let’s fast forward a bit: In walks Jeff, this great guy. As I talk with the two of them, I can’t help but notice the way Jeff and Nick look at each other. It’s the way you would want someone to look at you. Their smiles are in tandem, as if seeing one smile simply makes the other smile. Their laughter is this great contrapuntal sound. Jeff has an equally great heart. Jeff “fits” Nick’s love and support and makes it stronger, makes it better.

So, what can happen when two great hearts combine? The answer is simple: practically anything.

A journey across the country. A sense of discovery. A home that is welcoming and warm. A life resounding with chuckles and guffaws (and perhaps a good/bad pun now and then). An adventure that might include everything from a maze of cardboard boxes to a Broadway show to a hike through the woods. A world of wonder. And, perhaps most importantly, a family that nurtures the best of humanity, that believes in making magical moments happen.

These two great hearts help love grow. Imagine being supported by that kind of heart. Imagine being the recipient of that kind of love. Only beautiful things will blossom from it. And our world, which has a host of beautiful things, is never hurt by the addition of a few more.

I am excited to see the new beauty that will come from Nick and Jeff’s love. It’s ripe for sharing. May we all be so fortunate.

Did you finish your cheesecake? No worries. I’m sure Jeff and Nick have enough forks to go around.

With as many hugs as possible,



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