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From the day Nicholas was born, I’ve adored him. I’ve always been Nick’s biggest fan, cheering him on with every accomplishment. His sense of humor has always been one of my greatest joys. He always has a joke at the ready and as he has aged, he has become a trusted confidant. He has a gentle soul and has a way of communicating that is affirming as well as wise. I’ve come to the realization that Nicholas was more than my nephew, he was part of my spiritual tribe. My soul family.

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When he was about two years old, my niece Jackie, was talking about him and called him Nick-a-boy, that name stuck within the family to this day.

I actually respect and look up to Nick a great deal. He’s well read, intelligent, and a deep thinker. He has a positive and upbeat attitude and always looks for the good in any situation. He often is “the good” in any given situation.

I was teaching 4th grade. Nick was going to college and did a pre-student teaching assignment in my classroom for 3-4 months. We decided before his first day to introduce him as “Mr. G” and leave it at that (not telling the students that he was my nephew). From day one, I was impressed with Nick’s interaction with the kids. I did a lot of fun activities with my students (Education Through Music, The Crayon Factory, and multiple thematic experiences). Nick joined right in and helped wherever he was needed, sometimes before I knew he was needed there! He was a natural. My classroom was always light and fun but Nick’s presence in the classroom took the light to a whole new level.

When his last day arrived, we decided to tell the kids that we were related. I told them I had a fun secret to share with them about me and “Mr. G,” and they all shouted “You’re getting married!” HA! We had such a good laugh about that.

Nick and I have always confided in each other. If I’m feeling out of alignment with anything in my life, Nick has a way of reminding me how aligned I truly am. Although Nick has grown into a young man, he will always be my Nick-a-Boy.


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