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I. Love. Sprinkles.

Ever since I was kid I have always loved rainbow sprinkles, and I have never been quite about that fact. No ice cream shop visit is complete until I ask about the variety of sprinkles they offer.

Nick has always indulged my obsession and even threw me a sprinkle themed 33rd birthday. It had everything, a sprinkle banner, sprinkle themed puzzles (one of my favorite past times) and best of all he made a sprinkle cake recipe from my favorite bakery. I was in sprinkle bliss, enjoying every bite of this deliciousness.

Naturally we posted a picture of the cake, but we got a very unlikely response.

Nick and Jeff Adopt - Gay Couple Ready to Adopt

The cake was topped with sugar cookie crumbles (of course they were filled with sprinkles too). Unfortunately everyone thought they looked like chicken nuggets.

The rest of the night Nick and I laughed at all the comments on my Sprinkle Chicken Nugget Cake. Now anytime we see chicken nuggets we both look at each other and say “Those would look great on a cake.”

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