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"Perfect as Usual"

When Nick told me he met “The One” I couldn’t wait to meet him. They came to my house for a visit and I saw why he was “the one”. I liked Jeff the second I looked into his loving eyes. He was warm, caring and seemed to genuinely want to get to know me.

I was just about to move to Florida. Of course I was saddened to be moving away from my family, but what was really weighing on me was the drive from Michigan to Florida. I have terrible panic attacks when driving on the freeway. I knew I needed someone who could drive for me. I would fly them back home - I just needed someone to drive my car.

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Jeff volunteered and I was a bit nervous because although I really liked him, I didn’t feel like I really knew him. He said he could stay for a week and help me.

It’s a two day drive from Michigan to Florida and in those two days and those 1,254 miles we talked about everything. We laughed, we cried, we listened to music and sang together and I remember that when we arrived in Florida and saw the “Welcome to Florida” sign, I got a bit teary as Jeff said, “Welcome HOME!”

There is a book by Alan Cohen called “A Deep Breath of Life” in which Alan writes a motivational/spiritual story for every day of the year. I’ve read this book many times and one story sticks out for me. I remember sharing it with Jeff . It’s story about a time that Alan was babysitting a friends 5 year old daughter. He asked her what she wanted for lunch and she asked for Macaroni and Cheese. When she took a bite, he asked her how it was and she said, “Perfect…as usual!” He then proceeded to talk about looking at life as being ‘perfect as usual.’ Jeff, liked the story and on a daily basis, getting things done around my new house, things went perfectly.

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I bought an adorable lavender house with a pool. As soon as we arrived Jeff, got right to work. He could have dropped me in Florida, stayed a couple days to recoup after the drive, then flown right home to Nick. But he wanted to help me. He cleaned out the garage taking huge piles of garbage to the curb. Due to my anxiety, I often have trouble in stores with crowds. He helped me find a washer and dryer, patio furniture, carpet for the Master bedroom and for the patio, painters, lawn cutters… and day by day, we ticked things off the list waiting for the movers to arrive. Everyone we met and enlisted help from were kind and honest. Every purchase I made, was effortless and every time we accomplished something, we both smiled and said, “Perfect, as usual.”

Everything about my move was easy and effortless, in a large part, thanks to Jeff. We seemed to be in this wonderful flow. Getting one major thing done a day (laughing all the time) and finding time to relax and enjoy beach life by night.

I think Jeff ended up staying with me for close to 2 weeks. In that time, I saw the man my nephew fell in love with. Jeff’s kind and gentle spirit permeates everything. He shares stories from his heart and listens with his heart. He is wise beyond his years. He works hard and without agenda. He is a helper by nature. I didn’t have to ask. He saw what needed to be done and did it with a smile in his heart. He genuinely took pleasure in making my life easier. I don’t know many people of his caliber. When I see Jeff, I see an old soul with a very playful spirit. I can see why the universe brought Nick and Jeff together.

Imagine my delight when a month later, Nick and Jeff moved to Orlando! I was thrilled. I had family in Florida. We spent Thanksgiving together and they would come visit me every month or two. The last time they visited, before moving out to Denver we were excitedly talking about the move and how awesome it was going to be for them. Jeff and I said, “Perfect As Usual” to each other and laughed. Nick asked where that came from so I went in the house and got the book. I opened it up to the exact date they were visiting and what story was on the page? “Perfect, As Usual.” I read it out loud, we marveled at the perfection of it all and I knew that their new path was going to be their next step in perfection.

Although I miss their physical presence, we are soul family. We talk often and our conversations are both deep and meaningful as well as playful and light. So, I celebrate their new path. A path full of family with the laughter of children. A path full of hikes and adventure. A path that deepens the bond the two of them share. And now the path of adoption. All of which I trust will be, perfect, as usual.


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