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Our Second Date

Somehow Nick and I were able to wait two whole days until we saw each other again after our first date. At the time I was living with a friend, and we were hosting a holiday party, so of course I wanted my new love to be there.

Married Couple Waiting to Adopt

Nick came into that party with no fear about walking into a house filled with my friends, and we had a great time working the room as I introduced him to each person there. After we made the first round we retreated to a quiet spot in the house next to the Christmas tree, so we could commence our new found favorite hobby: talking and looking into each other's eyes while swooning.

Our time was cut short by the arrival of a friend and his four newly adopted children. This was the first time any of us were meeting the kids and they instantly ran over to Nick and I because we were sporting oversized Christmas light up necklaces. The rest of the party soon faded away and all I could see was this wonderful man showing such kindness to the kids, while emitting a glow of pure joy.

This was the moment I knew that Nick was the man I wanted to raise my children with, a trait that I had been searching for my entire adult life. We spent the rest of the party with the kids making funny voices, telling jokes, and falling further into the greatest love story of our lives.

When it was time for our new friends to leave, I caught a moment with Nick and the youngest girl of the group. She was looking up at Nick with huge puppy eyes asking if she could come and play again, Nick got down on one knee, gave her a giant hug, and looked her right in the eyes and told her she was always welcome wherever he was and our new friend jumped for joy.

I was a man puddle and there was no hope for me now.


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